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Books by Kristina Evans


Vanessa Smythe - (A Snake is Amongst Us)

I was never one for the three R’s (reading, writing & arithmetic) but things have changed since I learned of the power of three. As I re-read my automatic writing, I now know that everything is mathematical. Numbers connect us to the universe and the more you learn, the more knowledge you possess that will allow you to make the most of the life that you live.

When Veronika Snave whispered in my ear, I had no idea of what she was trying to tell me. By writing Vanessa Smythe, she was able to give me an insight into her story of suicide. It wasn’t until the fifth book that I realised that the story was about the soul being split into three.

At first I was sceptical but then as I flicked through the channels on the television, I stopped at a programme where a man was telling his story of how he had overdosed to end his life, only to have his soul split. That was all the conformation that I needed to assure me that the story was based on fact and not fiction. I put my laptop away but then a different voice whispered into my ear and I knew that there was more to the story.


Rhianon Luna - (A Snake is Amongst Us - Volume 2)

I was busy beyond belief and writing was something that had never entered my mind but I found myself bored one day and turned to finish my daughter’s scrapbook to keep me occupied. As soon as the pen touched the paper, my grandmother’s words from the past came to light. She had warned me of the unknown and I had quite happily blocked myself away from it. I was only interested in the scientific world but no matter how hard I tried; I could not stop the supernatural from entering the short story that I wanted to write next to my daughter’s photo.

Chivonne Luna let me know quite quickly that she would be taking over the story as she was one of the females that had been given the split soul of Veronika Snave. Originally her plan was to teach us about the importance of animals; especially horses. Having to deal with searching for a soul mate had distracted her from her path which I could relate too so I allowed her to take over. There were many questions I had but the answers came in different forms and were at times hard to decipher. When I questioned horses being here to help us, I was sent to the television to find a programme about a boy that had seen Jesus with a winged horse of many colours. I had no idea how to write and still don’t so she manoeuvred me into attending a writer’s clinic where my automatic writing was confirmed by the others in the group. At first I did try to blank out the messages by keeping myself busy but be it my brain or otherwise, I found myself seeing things that we are not meant to see. Coincidences have become a part of my life to the point that I now know that there are not really any coincidences, only prompts to keep you on your path.


Theodora Turner - (A Snake is Amongst Us - Volume 3)

By this book, my life had changed completely. Coincidences were becoming a weekly occurrence. I knew there were five books but I had no idea why. Theodora Turner’s emotion took over mine to the point of tears. The association with Scotland was overwhelming although I have nothing to do with the country in any shape or form. I thought that if I put my laptop away then the pain would end but it didn’t.

It is said that like attracts like and I’m sure that I attracted every Scottish person living on the Gold Coast which is an achievement as there aren’t many of them here. I refused to finish the story until one day when a friend asked if I would like to go to Scotland with her.

My friend had no idea of the fight that was taking place between my heart and my head but out of curiosity I agreed. My spouse disagreed so I ended up not going but the story demanded to be finished. Once completed, another friend mentioned that she wanted to go to Scotland and after being told by a clairvoyant about a town that I should visit over there, I ended up going. That was a story in itself that found me reunited with my home from centuries ago.


Jackie Jones - (A Snake is Amongst Us - Volume 4)

There was a moment when I wrote this book that I thought it could be me. Spiritual people were entering my life and stating that they could see my spirit guide. I was still sceptical but open minded enough to remember a boy that I had met in a forest when I was fifteen. He had been part of my life for three years and when I learned that he had died, I blanked him from my mind. Putting two and two together, I realised that Jack Turner was actually the boy that I had crossed paths with; literally!

It was confusing as to why I would want to write about him but then I wondered if he was the spirit telling me the stories of the girls that he had saved because from what I could remember of him, he did have a large ego. I don’t know if it was me or Jack or Jacqueline who wrote the story but conformation was given to me at the end of the book. Normally a group of friends would come around on a Saturday but on one particular night only one friend showed up. She had wanted to go to the spiritual fair but I didn’t. Due to the circumstances we went and I met a friend of a friend who told me of the boy that watched over me and how he was making sure that I finished a story that I had started hundreds of years ago.


Juliette Miller - (A Snake is Amongst Us - Volume 5)

By this stage I was well aware of the soul splitting that takes place when you decide to cut your life short. Writing had changed to messages that appeared on my laptop screen and to keep up with the conversation taking place before my eyes, I needed to type quickly.

The stories had turned into scripts. Although Juliette Miller was the last of the women to have to endure a piece of Veronika Snave, there was another spirit who wanted to expose the feelings that she must have felt when going through a divorce. She wanted her diary to be included in the story but I didn’t have it so I was presented one by a friend instead. Whether I wanted to include the diary or not was irrelevant because I found Juliette Miller writing it.

At this point I realised that I had no control over the story and was glad when it ended. With the pieces of Veronika Snave being put back together, I knew that there would be no more stories to tell. Jack Turner along with everyone else left me alone. My sleep went back to being deep until one morning I was woken up by a young woman standing next to my bed who wanted her story to be told.


Lelith Vampyre - (A Snake is Amongst Us - Volume 6)

I had noticed Lelith Vampyre in the background when I first started writing about Vanessa Smythe. She emerged with her own story when I thought that I had finished writing the series. The last thing I wanted was to write about vampires but she insisted as she wanted to explain why there were stories being told about them.

She wanted redemption so I gave her two weeks of my body and brain to write her story. With each story there has been confirmation but with her story there was nothing. Once the book was finished, she left and I was left wondering about the world we live in. I was not a reader but I found myself skimming through books for validation of her information which led me to reading.

Writing had become a form of meditation which I had always thought a waste of time but through Lelith Vampyre, I learnt that meditation is part of a balance that we all need and reading and writing is a way to let our bodies relax and heal.


Aerona Snave - (A Snake is Amongst Us - Volume 7)

This was an interesting story to write. My laptop had been put away for several months before the nagging feeling started for me to retrieve it. Once opened, I typed the messages down and a story formed that I actually liked but didn’t want to write. I wondered why the stories were being given to me as I had never had any ambition to become an author. For the first time I found myself not wanting to write but knowing that there would be no choice, I let go and that was when twenty-eight witches appeared with a story of their own. I’m not religious and was surprised when the witches had used me to convey their messages. With them came the dragons that brought on a whole new meaning to what we have been told and the snake that was left behind finally revealed itself as an alien.

It was towards the end of the story that I realised that the stories were all tied in together. As it unfolded, I began to understand where it was heading and that there would be seventeen books in total. I gladly lost the battle and let the spirits take over to find out what would happen next.


Gavin Macleod - (A Snake is Amongst Us - Volume 8)

Aliens had never been a topic of conversation. I have always thought that the alien theory of evolution was a more scientific approach to that of fantasy but who am I to comment. One day I knew that I would find out but I wasn’t expecting to be told about what goes on around us while being here. It was something that I never thought about and had trouble writing down until I was coaxed to watch a show that confirmed my story as being believable.

From the start I knew that Gavin Macleod was the bad guy but I had no idea of his association with aliens and I definitely had no idea that he would be involved with Scottish ancestry. The more I wrote about him, the more my path was crossed by people with information about conspiracies. My mind had been opened enough and after time I stopped the discussion about the chicken and the egg theory.

I had been given a leaf and it was up to me to decide whether I wanted to go through the tree to gain knowledge of life. Although intrigued, I chose not too and with that I also left behind the Scottish association only to be told by a stranger that my Welsh ancestry came from Scotland.


Mary Sekret - (A Snake is Amongst Us - Volume 9)

Laugh and the world laughs with you but I’m not sure if that applies when I’m laughing at myself for writing in secret. From the beginning I have been blocked from writing but stopping was not an option. After the hurdle with the book about Aerona Snave I became even more fascinated to know how the story would end and it was when I was waiting in a queue that I was told that ninth book that would be about Mary and fairies.

I never imagined how fairies would fit in with the story but when I went to Britain I found out. A friend gave me a travel journal and with that I found out about Mary and her Sekret. Having a journal comes highly recommended especially when you travel as it opens your eyes to what is different. It also reminds you to write down the déjà vu you are likely to forget. The trail of events that took place were unusual but necessary which became clear when I finally started to type.

With two forms of information I put two and two together and that’s when the dragon revealed himself as being Dracula. I wasn’t interested in him at first until I realised that his purpose was different to what was written.


Serah Kohw - (Seer of Past Souls)

The life of Serah Kohw is transformed after the loss of her friend Sarah Cupsip, who leaves her a travel ticket and itinerary. This gift has unexpected consequences and allows Serah to begin a journey through places, myths and legends and an ability to connect with the spirit world of past lives.

The author skillfully brings together fine details of each travel experience as she weaves a magical story across continents and time. The cast of varied characters who each share spirit stories, bring their own background and aspirations into the journey whereby Serah begins to understand her past, present and future.

Descriptions of travel via a cruise through Alaska, a bus tour through Canada and into a venture through Italy, Europe and Britain, lead Serah to discover her inner self and eventually find love with Ricardo. Through this relationship they continue their journey leaving the reader wondering where they will end up next.

Liz Newton, author ‘The Jagged Edge of Joy’

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